What Some Clients Have To Say...

“Scottie Blinn’s knowledge of music and dexterity on the machine make the recording process fun and fast, and we got some of the best guitar tones of my career.”  ~Joey Harris, The Beat Farmers/ The Mentals

"Scottie is a pro. This guy knows what he is doing. I have recorded with him on numerous occasions. He is the only engineer that I have ever worked with that dials in my vocals perfectly. He has a great ear and no ego. Highly recommended!! ~Betty Rose" 

"Grease Punk Studio is the name of the recording facilities operated San Diego monster blues rock punk artist Scottie Blinn. The setting is supportive, ultra friendly, comfortable and friendly and Scottie is willing to work with individual artist allowing them to define their personal creative vision. Our daughter Leilani needed to produce a 5 song EP demo for promotional handouts to a variety of professional venues and on a tight budget while still focused on quality. Leilani's vision was a presentation of her band (a trio) as the band would sound in a venue. We loved the finished EP that was recorded in under 14 hours. The evidence is in the recording and we'd be stoked for you to check our Grease Punk Studio recording on reverbnation.com/leilani…. The sound is what counts the most and Scottie and Grease Punk gave us it all: quality sound/fair budget/personal and professional service. I'd recommend Grease Punk Studios and Scottie Blinn to anyone! Thank y'all Scottie!" ~Lucky Kilgore

"Great place to do your recording and CD project.  I've done 3 CD projects there and ended up with 3 fantastic sounding retail ready CD's (D.A. and the Hitmen, The Paul Alvarado CD, and The Rogue DeVilles).  Scottie knows it all and what it takes to to sound like a real professional and the cool thing is that he will listen to you and help you as best he can to obtain your goals.I highly recommend you give Grease Punk Studio a call before you call any other studio then you will understand why Grease Punk has been around as long as it has.  I look forward to going back there with another project hopefully real soon only cause I know Scottie gets booked up real fast.  ~Paul Alvarado, D.A. & The Hitmen/ The Rogue DeVilles/ Tribal Beat

"Scottie knows what it's suppose to sound like. . . and how to make it sound like that. Grease Punk recorded two of our records in a Live situation and did a mighty fine job. One of them was nominated Best Local Blues by San Diego Music Awards. As musicians they hold a strong understanding of music, have all the gear and a great ear. If you have a project in mind then you should make your appointment right away. ~Chet Cannon, Chet & The Committee

"Scottie Blinn really nailed it for us and made the whole process not only a pleasure, but also a positive growth experience for us." ~Dana Duplan, Cadillac Wreckers