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Located on 2 1/2 acres in the quiet and picturesque foothills of San Diego's East County, Grease Punk Studio has been the studio of choice for many of San Diego's finest musicians and bands since 2003.  The warm an inviting atmosphere lends itself to creativity and relaxed performances, without the stress of "watching the clock".  

With the mobile unit, bands in San Diego and in other states have been able to record live or produced studio records, in places that they find inspiring to their projects.  


When a whole band from another state can't afford the time off or the expense of  travel and accommodations, Grease Punk Mobile can go to them!

With 30 years of recording experience (18 years as Grease Punk Studio), sessions are smooth from set up to finished product.  The studio can (and usually does) keep everything "in house" from recording, to mixing and mastering, and art design, working closely with each artist's vision.

Video production has taken a bigger role for the studio in the past several years as well, from conceptulizing to shooting and editing.  Want to record a live performance video with studio sound?  Have an idea for an artistic video to represent your new studio single?  Need to shoot a promotional ad?  Let's talk!

About Scott

About Scott

During his 30 year recording and international touring career, Scott has produced two #1 CD’s in Europe (and a #3 recording) for the Mississippi Mudsharks (Crosscut Records), a #4 recording in Europe for the Tiki Torchers (also on Crosscut).  He has received 34 nominations (for his work or work with clients) from the San Diego Music Awards and other international awards in the "Best Blues Band", "Best Rock Band", "Best Blues Album", “Best Rock Album”, and "Artist Of The Year" categories.  Scott's tenure with The Mississippi Mudsharks also produced 3 SDMA wins for "Best Blues Band".

Noteworthy Recordings

Black Market III--*NEW* "Soul Survivor"

Casey Hensley Band--"Good As Gone" (Mixed and Mastered, VizzTone Records 2020, topped national and international Blues charts, nominated "Best Blues" and "Album of the Year" 2021 San Diego Music Awards)

Muddy Boots & The Porch Pounders--"Tale Of A Miner's Life" (2019)  MOBILE RECORDING, ELKO, NV

Black Market III-- "Dashboard Jesus" (Rip Cat-- Records 2018) (Nominated "Best Blues" 2019 SDMA's.  Mastered by Zen Mastering)

Muddy Boots & The Porch Pounders--"Last Dance" (2018)  MOBILE RECORDING, ELKO, NV

Casey Hensley Band feat. Laura Chavez--Self Titled (Nominated "Best Blues" Independent Blues Awards and Blues Blast Awards.  Mixed and Mastered, released on VizzTone Records 2017, topped national and international Blues charts) 

Whiskey Haulers--Self Titled (2017)  MOBILE LIVE RECORDING, RENO, NV

The Shenanigans--Self Titled (2016) (LIVE in the studio, full 9 piece band! Feat. Jack Pinney of Iron Butterfly, Jim McGinnis of KGB FM Radio, and more San Diego iconic musicians.) 

Black Market III "Black Country--The Songs of Led Zeppelin 1968-1975" (Nominated "Best Rock" 2017 SDMA's) 

Black Market III "Vanarchy--Live!" (Nominated "Best Blues" CD 2015 SDMA's)  Engineered by Jeff Chergosky (Neil Young FOH sound as well as Humphrey's By The Bay Concerts)  and Mason Proud, sound men of the venues where we recorded.  Mixed & Mastered at Grease Punk Studio.

Scott Mathiasen & The Shifty Eyed Dogs (Nominated Best Blues CD 2015 SDMA's) 

Black Market III "Black Roses" (Nominated Best Blues CD 2014 SDMA's) 

145 St. Blues Band "Tribute to Muddy Waters" (2014 Release)  MOBILE LIVE RECORDING 

Black Market III "Songs That Shake The Cage" (Nominated Best Rock CD 2013 SDMA's)  Guest appearances by Anson Funderburgh, Carl Sonny Leyland, Joey Harris--Beat Farmers and The Mentals, Roni Lee--The Runaways and Venus & The Razor Blades, and more! 

Delta Heat-- “Let’s Have A Party” (Nominated Best Blues CD 2010 SDMA's) 

Chet Cannon & The Committee--"LIVE/ Meet Me Down in San Felipe" (Nominated Best Blues CD 2010 SDMA's)  MOBILE LIVE RECORDING 

The Burnsville Band--"Give Me A Job" (Nominated Best Blues CD 2010 SDMA's) 

Behind The Wagon-- “11 Songs By Behind The Wagon” (Nominated Best Country/ Americana CD 2010 SDMA's) 

Joey Harris & The Mentals (of The Beat Farmers)  (Nominated “Best Pop CD” 2009 SDMA’s) 

Mississippi Mudsharks--"Voodoo Doll" (Nominated “Best Blues CD” 2009 SDMA’s)

Baja Blues Boys-- “Gone Away Someday” (2009 International Blues Competition Nominee) 

D.A. & The Hitmen--"Lucky Dog" (Nominated "Best Blues CD" SDMA 2008) 

Mississippi Mudsharks--"Train Rolls On"  (Nominated "Best Blues CD" SDMA 2006) 

Mississippi Mud--"Mississippi Mud" (Nominated "Best Blues CD" SDMA 2002) 

Big Daddy & The Money Shakers (Nominated “Best Blues CD” 2001 SDMA’s)

The Tiki Torchers--"Hoodoo Charm" (Nominated "Best Blues CD" SDMA 2000, #4 CrossCut Blues Charts, Germany)

Todd Stedman & The Fat Tones"Lie, Cheat, & Steal" (Nominated "Best Blues CD" SDMA 2000)

Mississippi Mudsharks--"Traditional Heavy" 1996 (#1 CrossCut Records Blues Charts, Germany) 

Mississippi Mudsharks--"Workin' For Nickels & Dimes" 1994 (#1 CrossCut Records Blues Charts, Germany) 


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